Nail Salon 21784 - Nail Trix and Spa - Nail Salon in Sykesville MD 21784


Spa Manicure

Manicure $25
Manicure Deluxe $30
Manicure with Gel Color $40
Manicure with Spa Pedicure $52


Spa Pedicure $32

Includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, followed by a soothing massage and hot towels.

Special Spa Pedicure $43

Our Spa Pedicure with Callus, PLUS an exfoliating foot scrub! A great treat for your feet!

Milk and Honey Pedicure $50

An extension of our Special Spa pedicure with an added exfoliating foot scrub. Enjoy a Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub followed by a Milk & Honey Butter Blend massage that adds vital nutrients and refreshes your skin!

Organic Spa Pedicure $50

Pamper your feet with our Organic product lines! This pedicure is inspired by using natural products that are designed to enhance and detoxify your skin with hydrating ingredients. Indulge yourself with a sugar scrub and a mud mask, then allow the natural oil massage to relax your tired muscles. Ask Technician for Scent.

Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $55

This luxurious experience is an extension of our Special Spa Pedicure, with an added hot stone massage on the lower legs and feet. The hot stone massage helps to relax tense muscles, relieves pain and stiffness, and improves circulation.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $50

An extension of our Spa Pedicure with Callus PLUS an exfoliating sea salt or sugar scrub, a butter blend massage, and a moisturizing marine mask wrapped in hot towels.

Exclusive Spa Pedicure $65

This pampering experience uses only exclusive products from our fabulous OPI collection. It includes callus treatment, sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin for a smooth finish, OPI Mask with Shea Butter extract wrapped in hot towels for an ultra-hydrating experience for your skin; followed by a hot stone massage with antioxidant vitamins and emollients that help keep the skin moist by reducing water loss. Your choice of OPI Scrubs and OPI Mask.

Ultimate Spa Pedicure $75

The ultimate way to relax! An invigorating exfoliation and antioxidant-rich scrub that offers deep hydration. A hot stone massage while we pamper you with a soothing 2-3 minutes shoulder massage. Cuccio's deep dermal wrap in hot towels will surely transform your tired, dry feet by bringing the moisture back! This pedicure would not be complete without a paraffin wax treatment that will help increase circulation and relieve pain and stiffness.

Signature Pedicure $55

Full Set

Acrylic Overlay $37
Acrylic Nails $38
Acrylic French Tips $43
Acrylic with Gel Color $50
Crystal Nails $42
Gel Nails $40
Gel Nails with Gel Color $50
Ombre $65
Sculptured Nails $60
Solar Nails (Pink & White) $65

Healthy Nails

Dipping Powder $50
Dipping Powder Ombre $65
Dipping Powder Pink & White $60
Dipping Powder with Tip Extended $60


Acrylic Nails $30
Acrylic Fill with Gel Color $40
Crystal Nails $30
Gel Nails $30
Gel Nails with Gel Color $40
Solar Nails (Pink) $40
Solar Nails (Pink & White) $50


Bikini $30 & Up
Brazilian $65 & Up
Chin $8 & Up
Eyebrows $10
Half Arms/ Full Arms $25 / $35 & Up
Half Legs/ Full Legs $35 / $60 & Up
Lip $6
Sideburns $15
Underarms $18
Whole Face $40

Additional Services

Acrylic 2 Big Toes $10 & Up
Buff Shine $5
Callus Treatment $5
Chrome Designs $3 & Up
Cut Down $3 & Up
French/ American $5 & Up
Gel Add On $20
Gel Coating $5 & Up
Gel Color Change $25 & Up
Nail Art Designs $3 & Up
Nail Repairs $3 & Up
Paraffin Treatment (Hands/Feet) $10 / $12
Polish Change (Hands/Feet) $9 / $12
Shape/ Length $5
Soak Off $10